Custom Crafted Wooden Doors

Doors are fundamental to your home. As one of the first impressions guests have of your house, gateways that separate rooms, and a component that protects your home from the elements, they see use every day, and that means they need to be built to last. Homeowners want their doors to be resilient, safe and easy to use, and are also a key part of a home’s aesthetic, making the choice of a door an important one. If your doors are in need of repair or replacement, we suggest you work with a local and experienced contractor because doors are a critical component of your home.

Doors come in all shapes and sizes. While A&R Construction can help you with any door needs you may have, we specialize in wooden doors and create custom works of art that add to the overall look of your home. Read on to learn more about our custom door services on the San Juan Islands.

Wood Door Options

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Choosing the wood for your home can be a difficult decision that takes into account a variety of factors. There are a few popular styles, but the choice you go with depends on your budget, the coloring and how well it fits the rest of your home’s aesthetic, and its appropriateness and practicality. We are always happy to advise you, but ultimately the choice of material for your home is up to you.

Pine wood is a popular choice in the San Juan Islands community. As a traditional material for doors and construction materials, it evokes a rustic and earthy feeling. It is typically recommended for interior doors because of its softness. Bamboo is also a good material for indoor applications. Although it’s not very scratch resistant, the pale wood makes for a striking option within the home.

Recommended woods for exterior doors include mahogany, cherry, maple, and oak. Although these are more expensive options, their effects are unmistakable. There is no alternative to the feeling and quality of solid wood, and veneers of these woods are inferior imitations. The use of real wood in exterior doors is typically recommended because it guarantees they will last significantly longer than cheaper alternatives.

While we specialize in custom crafted wooden doors, and are always willing to geek out about wood options with you, we are well versed in other materials like metal or fiberglass. We are happy to consult on these alternative materials with you as well.

Wooden Door Replacement or Installation

While it is possible to install or replace a door on your own, it is a complicated process that is best done by a professional. When you work with A&R, we ensure everything is done for you from start to finish. Any installs we do are preceded by a full evaluation of your needs and an upfront estimate, meaning you’ll get just what you expect without any complications that can result from a DIY project.

There are lots of factors to consider, including where in your home the door is placed and in what entryways. Two interior doors that are feet apart may need to be different for reasons that aren’t immediately apparent. For example, you may need a light door for your laundry room that you can easily open while holding your laundry, while a door into your garage should be heavier and incorporate weather stripping. Consider hiring a local and experienced contractor rather than installing doors yourself so that we can identify these needs from the beginning.

Door frames, door jambs, walls, floors and ceilings are also often far from perfect, straight, or level. Even a generic door will often need to be shaved, milled, or fitted carefully so that it opens and closes smoothly, and doesn’t catch or wear on flooring, the jamb, or other areas. You also want to ensure your door can lock/unlock without having to put undue pressure on the door, and rest assured that it can lock reliably.

If you would like to add rooms to your home, or if you are looking to add a new exterior entry, we also specialize in the installation of new doorways as well as general construction. We have extensive experience in exterior and interior construction, so when it comes time to hang that new door, give A&R Construction a call first. We can even grade, level, and construct foundations on the roughest of ground surfaces!

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Wooden Door Repairs

Even if your door has visible damage, such as rot or water damage, which is most common in Washington, it may not need to be replaced. Having an experienced contractor evaluate the health of your door before you replace it could end up saving you money in the long run. At A&R Construction, we offer an array of repair services to get your doors standing up straight again.

If a door’s wood is damaged, then refinishing it will likely be needed. Damage to a door can be done by moisture-related rot, sun damage, or physical damage such as scratches. Refinishing involves either ripping out and replacing wood with fresh components, or reapplying veneer or laminate. We have a variety of door refinishing options that will leave your doors looking like new.

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Doors have many sensitive components that eventually need replacement, no matter how well you maintain them. These components include hinges, latches, and bolts. As doors see use, the components needed for their operation will need to be switched out for new pieces. If a door begins sticking, or swinging too freely, it can impede movement in your home, which can be dangerous in emergency situations, and inconvenient the rest of the time. Rough use, poor installations, or use of particleboard are typical reasons why components may need to be replaced sooner than what’s usually expected.

An improperly secured door causes drafts, which result in heating or cooling the inside of your home inefficiently or unnecessarily. Weather stripping seals the gap between the doorframe and your door, alleviating these issues. Weather stripping repairs also pay for themselves: you’ll see the savings on your heating and cooling bills.

A&R Construction, Wooden Door Contractors

A&R Construction employs professional craftsmen with decades of experience in their niches. We are trusted by the San Juan Islands community. From our office on Orcas Island, we service San Juan Island, Lopez Island, and other nearby locales. We consult on all home improvement needs, from exterior work to custom woodwork for interiors. A&R Construction also contracts on new home builds⁠—you can feel confident working with us on whatever home project you have. Our woodcrafting specialists have experience in constructing every aspect of a beautiful home.

Whether you have a new wooden door idea or just need your doors repaired, give us a call for a free consultation. We’d love to drop by, visit, and see how we can create a unique look for your home.