Cabinet Installation and Custom Woodworking

Time for a change? The kitchen can either be one of the busiest and most cluttered areas of a home, or it can be a relaxing space to cook and spend time with your family. Maybe you’ve found you need more room for sundries, or your existing cabinets have been damaged. Perhaps you just want to raise the value of your home or switch up the look of the room. If you are thinking about updating your cabinets, choose an expert contractor who has your best interests in mind.

Kitchen cabinets should be made to last for years, and at A&R Construction a long “shelf” life is what we aim to provide. Our carpenters use only the highest quality materials, and our consultants make the best use of available area to create an elegant space for you to spend your time in. We also offer repair services are happy to consult with you on whether your cabinets just need a quick fix rather than a complete replacement. Read on to learn more about the services we provide and what you should consider when thinking of a remodel.

The Finest Cabinet Materials

When comparing options for your cabinets, one of the first and most important decisions you need to make is what materials your contractor will use. While we can use solid wood, the most popular base material for cabinets is plywood for a number of reasons. Plywood is a sturdy, affordable composite that bears weight well.

If you’ve ever done any DIY projects, you’ve probably used some plywood since it’s reliable material for most uses. Plywood used in cabinet construction will last for years when installed properly. This material is generally resistant to moisture, but any wood exposed to water can become damaged, and proper precautions should always be taken to prevent leaks.

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We recommend some use of plywood in most cabinet builds. Even if you go for finer materials on the exterior and outer doors/framing, plywood is still useful in some capacity. Plywood or other wood products used in building cabinets are finished and colored with wood veneer or laminate finishing. This helps them last longer and protects them from corrosion and water damage.

A&R Construction imports other fine wood materials for use in all of our custom wood projects. When finishing fine cabinetry, use of imported wood like teak or oak add texture and color. Strong woods can also be used as a primary component to create sturdy cabinets that are naturally beautiful. Contact us for a free consultation to see what wood materials we have available!

Cabinet Styles

What style of cabinets best accentuates your kitchen’s features? When you choose A&R Construction, you can rest assured we will guide you through your options, but below is an overview of the essential features of a cabinet.

Cabinets can either be framed or unframed. If you can see an outline of wood around your cabinet’s door, even when it’s closed, that means your cabinet has framing. Frameless cabinetry naturally lends itself to a contemporary design and offers easy access. Framed cabinetry also adds depth to the design of your cabinet, but it’s an adaptable design with many possibilities.

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There are also several door styles for your cabinet. Slab is the simplest: a single solid piece of wood evoking a modern design. A raised panel cabinet door is a familiar style, with a cut away profiling the center of the door and the outer outline of the door. Recessed panel doors are an adaptable option that goes with most looks. Mullion doors offer a glimpse into the cabinet, with horizontal and vertical bars across the windowpane. Open frame doors are an option that you can leave open for easy access. Alternatively, open frame doors can instead have glass inserted for a clear view of the inside of the cabinet.

If a neighbor or friend has cabinets that you admire, take note of the above terminology. Notice what door style their cabinets use and how that relates to the general aesthetic of their kitchen space. That way, our contractors can replicate an inspired look for your own home. We have a established a presence on Orcas Island, San Juan Island, and Lopez Island, so we may have helped improve a kitchen near you!

Expectations and Constructing Your New Cabinets

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Depending on the scope of your project, cabinet repairs could take a few days, replacing your cabinets could take a few weeks, or a full kitchen remodel could take over a month. Fine woodworking takes time to install properly, meaning your kitchen may be partially or fully inaccessible during the construction period.

We will discuss time frames so that you can prepare for this, but timing can vary for multiple reasons. Supply of materials, weather, and other unexpected developments can delay a build. Talk to your contractor so you can coordinate the best time to begin so your build doesn’t get in the way of your daily life.

If you are looking to remodel floor level cabinets, that will likely involve remodeling your kitchen surfaces as well. Since A&R Construction is a multi-service contractor, we can also consult with you on what stone or tile and finish may be best for your kitchen. If you have any interior or exterior construction needs, we can help. Think about ordering work done simultaneously, so you can get your remodel done all at once or in quick succession with minimal downtime.

Cabinets Aren’t Just for the Kitchen

Cabinets are commonly installed in just about any room of a home which could use additional storage space. Bathroom cabinets must be especially resistant to water damage, and must always be finished with protective materials since they will be exposed to humid, damp conditions. Cabinets can be built to hang from the wall or beneath a countertop to hold sundries. Wooden cabinets looks great in bathrooms, whether standing out naturally finished or painted in white or black.

Garage cabinets are a great place to store your tools or lock up chemicals. We will help you choose from overhead storage, workbenches, floor to ceiling closets, and scratch-resistant solutions, so that your garage meets all your specific storage needs.

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Workshop and office cabinets help you stay organized while you unleash your creativity and get productive. As part of the consulting process we’ll help you design a workspace with ingenious storage solutions.

A&R Construction’s Professional Contractors for All Cabinet Needs

Operating locally out of Orcas Island, A&R Construction is a contractor for all your custom cabinet needs. As experts in all aspects of interior construction, from crown molding to interior trim, we can consult with you from start to finish on any of your home construction needs. We employ the finest woodcrafters who are able to design cabinetry for the most creative projects. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn why we are the most trusted contractor in the San Juan Islands!