Whether you’re looking to excavate a lot for a new home, need land cleared to create a road, or just need an expert excavation contractor for a custom project, A&R offers superior excavation services anywhere in the San Juan Islands, and across Western Washington. We use an industry-leading process to clear land and grade it properly to ensure our roads and foundations never compromise their integrity or the surrounding land’s sustainability.

With all of our excavation projects, we keep the environment top-of-mind and plan the project properly and meticulously to reduce topsoil loss and decrease land erosion that can occur form clearing and grading. Whatever your excavation needs are, A&R guarantees an affordable solution with superior results. Unlike our competition, we will even travel to remote locations in the sound like the San Juan Islands (we have an office on Orcas Island) for construction and excavation projects.

Leveling and Grading for Building Foundations

Building a dream home is a goal for many people, and it starts with a solid foundation created by reputable excavation experts. At A&R, we have experience in building foundations from the very beginning of the project.

We take care of clearing the land by cutting down trees and removing stumps to ensure the ground is clear of any current and future foundational issues. We then grade the ground with a focus on aesthetics and slope — steep grades don’t intimidate us. If the land isn’t properly graded, runoff can be directed towards the foundation of your house, or water can pool on the property, and cause severe drainage and water issues down the line. In our wet Washington weather, this is of critical importance to us and is top of mind with any excavation and grading project.

Excavation Grading Leveling Washington

After the excavation is complete, we then take a look at the blueprints of the house and start building the foundation. We apply the same meticulous and methodical process we use on all of our projects to the building of the foundation to create a solid base for your dream home. When you choose A&R, you can rest assured your home with have a solid foundation that will last for the lifetime of the house and beyond.

Road Excavation, Grading and Construction

We can excavate and grade land for a number of different kinds of roads. We start with the clearing of the land through the removal of trees and stumps. Grading the land is also a similar procedure as what we do for a house, but with a slightly different focus to ensure water doesn’t pool on the road and also drains in an environmentally friendly way to avoid unnecessary erosion. This keeps both drivers and the nearby landscape safe.

Our techniques also avoid unnecessary wear and tear that can result in large cracks or potholes in the roads. Our specialty is in general skid roads and gravel roads, but we are confident in engineering other kinds of roads to best suit our customers’ needs.

Road Excavation Grading Washington

Only the Best Excavators and Equipment

At A&R, we only choose the best equipment for any of our excavation projects (and for all of our other services, for that matter). Pair that with our quality workmanship and you have a recipe for a superior excavation job that will stand the test of time. We use Kubota excavators, skid-steers, and backhoes to complete your excavation project on time, on budget, and with long-lasting quality.

We appreciate you considering A&R Construction for your excavation needs. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a time for us to come out and give you a free estimate, please reach out at your convenience.

Kubota Excavator Washington Construction Contractor