A&R Construction offers new roofing, exterior paint, HVAC, woodworking and general construction to Orcas Island. We also provide Orcas Island residents and businesses routine roof maintenance, gutter cleanings, roof repairs, and any other exterior maintenance needs.

Although all of the San Juan Islands are beautiful, Orcas Island is particularly special to us at A&R. Orcas Island is where our San Juan Island presence and passion began. Back in 2017, We received a few roofing and painting job referrals on “remote” Orcas Island, as we hailed all the way from Olympia. Our honestly and dedication quickly established us within the tight-knit island community of around 4,000 as a trustworthy and quality contractor.

Soon after, we landed a comprehensive new roofing and exterior painting job for the Orcas Island Yacht Club, and within days, we were getting calls not just from all over Orcas Island, but the other islands like Lopez Island and San Juan Island. We had never experienced such a potent referral community before, and the trust blew us away and lit a fire under us to pursue every opportunity we could find to continue meeting expectations and demand.

With the work piling up faster than we could get supplies to Orcas Island, we decided we should bite the bullet and open up an office – and did just that. We have since established ourselves in Eastsound, and it remains our primary “base of operations” for offering services in the San Juan Islands. We’ve fallen in love with the community and the island and the owners are now residents of Orcas Island. In 2019, we closed down our operation in Olympia and have completely relocated to the San Juans, where we operate out of exclusively.

Orcas Island Yacht Club Exterior Paint
Halfway through the job of repainting the Orcas Island Yacht Club, you can see the difference between the aging paint peeling (right) and the fresh new coat of paint (left)!

Our success on Orcas Island has largely been due to our high quality offerings at a price that no other contractor in the Puget Sound could or would match. The remote nature of the San Juan Islands and Orcas Island had led roofing and painting contractors to complacently jack up prices. Due to contractor scarcity, and residents had no choice but to accept the expensive roofing and painting offerings. We felt this wasn’t right, and naturally offered our traditional “mainland” roofing and exterior paint pricing to residents of Orcas Island, with the same hunger we had been used to competing for work on the mainland with, and local residents were just blown away.

We have become the premier Orcas Island roofing contractor. Nobody can or will beat our roofing prices, and we are the only company in the San Juan Islands that will guarantee our roofs for 10 years. And we’ve done so without compromising the quality that has led to our success. If someone gives you a bid on your roof, we guarantee we will beat it, and with equivalent or superior products.

Orcas Island Yacht Club New Roofing
As part of the exterior paint and new roofing jobs we provided the Orcas Island Yacht Club, we utilized a heavy-duty boom lift to get the project done right!

Our maintenance crews also stay quite busy providing routine seasonal exterior roof maintenance, cleaning and spraying debris off roofs to help prevent and avoid costly repairs. Even our incredible products and high-quality applications don’t allow for complacency in the beautiful but rough weather and climate of the Puget Sound. Leaves and debris, if left unchecked, wreak havoc on roofs and gutters, and create weak points and leaks. And although we aim to keep leaks from occurring with routine maintenance, should we not get to you in time and you require roof or gutter repair, we can do that as well.

We literally have been coming to the rescue of residents of Orcas Island with maintenance and roof repairs since we arrived. Once every home and business on Orcas Island has an A&R roof, we will remain indefinitely, if only to maintain them.

We also have become the most active exterior paint company on Orcas Island, with no shortage of homes and structures that require painting or repainting. We easily carved out a niche here too, due to being willing and able to offer quality exterior paint services to Orcas Island residents at a price no other contractor was willing or able to match.

In 2019, we expanded our Orcas Island construction services list to include excavation, clearing heavily forested land and grading roads, to great success. We also received contracts for a few small bridges and general construction of several structures.

We could not be happier servicing this wonderful island, and are thankful for the doors the community opened for us as a business. In 2019, our owners  sold their homes and operation in Olympia/Tumwater and moved permanently to Orcas Island, and have since called the island home.

We talk a big game – and it’s for a reason. If you’re an Orcas Island resident, you probably already know who we are and what we are about. If you don’t, we encourage you to call us. Get to know us and let us get to know you, and allow us take care of your roofing, painting or other construction-related needs.