A&R Construction has offices in Eastsound on Orcas Island (San Juan Islands) and in Olympia. We service all of Western Washington. Our founders Austin and Ryan (the “A” & the “R”) started the company with extensive backgrounds in construction and painting. After finding a passion and talent for roofing in particular, they eventually narrowed down into roofing, forming A&R Super Roofers.

We soon experienced success and growth and naturally added additional maintenance services in 2017, becoming A&R Exterior Maintenance, a true full-service roofing contractor, with a unique specialty in quality exterior painting as well. A&R quickly established a strong reputation as a quality Olympia roofing company due to our top-notch service and superior work.

Ar Construction Owner Ryan Painting
A&R Construction founder and co-owner Ryan hard at work

In late 2018, our reputation for honest and high-quality work again exceeded the umbrella of our brand, and so we rebranded once more from A&R Exterior Maintenance to A&R Construction, to be more inclusive of our extensive skill sets. We now have experience on roadwork, minor bridge building, home construction, roofing, and much more.

We have been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years and now service most of the state of Washington, including some remote locations many contractors won’t dare venture to, such as the San Juan Islands. We proudly opened up a second office in Eastsound on Orcas Island in 2018, and spend most of our time out in the area. We’ve been shaking up the established construction market on Orcas Island and in the San Juan Islands, providing competitive quotes where previously only one or two established contractors were artificially inflating their prices for customers who had no choice but to overpay for their roofing, painting and various other construction needs.