A&R Construction is based in the San Juan Islands, and can serve most of the Puget Sound, with capabilities to reach remote locations by boat, plane or helicopter.

Our Humble Beginnings

Our founders started the company with extensive backgrounds in construction and painting. After finding a passion and talent for roofing in particular, they eventually narrowed down into roofing, forming A&R Super Roofers.

We soon experienced success and growth and naturally added additional maintenance services in 2017, becoming A&R Exterior Maintenance, a true full-service roofing contractor, with a unique specialty in quality exterior painting as well. A&R quickly established a strong reputation as a quality roofing company due to our top-notch service and superior work.

Ar Construction Owner Ryan Painting

Maintaining Our Humility & Our Community

In late 2018, our reputation for honest and high-quality work again exceeded the umbrella of our brand, and so we rebranded once more from A&R Exterior Maintenance to A&R Construction, to be more inclusive of our extensive skill sets. We now have experience with roadwork, minor bridge building, home construction, roofing, HVAC, woodworking, and much more.

As residents of the San Juans, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality services to our community using only the highest-grade materials. We will not only beat any other contractor’s price, but we will guarantee our work for 10 years, which is almost unheard of. The owners are proud residents of Orcas Island, whose mission it is to maintain the integrity of the wonderful local community, who has graciously supported our growth and success. We have operated largely off of referrals, and are eternally grateful for being kept in the minds of the community.